Metal Commercial Buildings in La Lande, NM

Our pre-engineered galvanized steel framed structures are the perfect solution for covering your car, recreational vehicle, boat, farm equipment, or anything else that needs protection from harsh outdoor elements.

The expert team at Village Carports is here to help you create the perfect metal carport for your home or business! Our core values are built around substance, speed, and service, offering you the best quality products and professional craftsmanship. 

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Custom Commercial Buildings in La Lande, NM

We all know how expensive it is to run a business– add on costs of storage and maintenance for equipment, tools, inventory, and supplies and before you know it you are low on space, low on money, and leave your property vulnerable if everything is not stored and protected. 

Protecting your business’ vehicles and equipment is essential for the overall well-being of your company, which is why Village Carports believes that building a metal commercial building on your property will help you save money and aggravation in the future. 

What Are Metal Commercial Buildings Used For?

Metal commercial and industrial building structures are built to accommodate the specific needs of your business. 

When you work with our experts in steel and metal manufacturing, you will find that the specific needs of your business as well as the available space on your property for a new building are at the forefront of our design planning. 

Some of the more common uses for our commercial metal buildings are as workshops in service industries like car repair shops and agricultural business use on farms and ranches, and for livestock protection. However, we also have seen the use of our commercial buildings in surprising ways. 

Here are some examples of what you can use your custom commercial metal building for and the types of businesses we’ve seen our metal commercial buildings transform into: 

  • Storage facilities 
  • Parking facilities for your property
  • Recreational buildings
  • Service industry shops 
  • Retail space
  • Industrial kitchens
  • Studio space
  • Office space
  • Aviation buildings
  • Vehicle enterprises 
  • Warehouses

Metal commercial buildings offer versatility, as there is no one-size-fits-all approach to what you can store in metal buildings or the type of business that can succeed in a metal structure. 

Common Types of Metal Commercial Buildings

Metal commercial buildings, also referred to as “clear span” buildings, are large open-space structures used for industrial and commercial purposes. Our metal commercial buildings are usually built to be 32’ to 40’ wide and include vertical metal support posts for framing. They can be partially or fully enclosed to keep all of the materials related to your business safe, clean, and dry. 

Commercial Carports

Our commercial metal carports come in the classic standard roofs, eave style roofs, and vertical style roofs. These carports can serve as additional covered parking for your business to protect your customer’s vehicles from rain, ice, and snow accumulation as well as protect your business’ outdoor equipment. 

Carports are open structures that are not enclosed– they have just roofs and steel legs or roofs with steel legs and sides. Commercial carports are the perfect way to protect important outside equipment like tractors, mowers, and vehicles from harsh weather. They also are great for open-spaced workshops for your business. 

Commercial Garages

Unlike a carport, commercial garages have doors for entry as well as roll-up doors that can allow vehicles entry– our garages are fully enclosed with walls, roof, doors, and windows and can be customized with lights, shelving, and storage features to suit the specific needs of your business. Our commercial metal garages can be built with standard, eave, or vertical style roofs. 

Customized Commercial Metal Buildings

Commercial metal barns as well as commercial metal combo units are great ways to create customized commercial buildings. These structures can be combined with metal carports and metal garages to create the perfect building for your commercial property. Whether your business will benefit from having more enclosed space or you are in need of partially open structures, our metal buildings can be customized into combination units that serve your business and customers. 

Why Village Carports is the Best Option for Metal Commercial Building

If you are shopping for a metal combo unit, you know that they are more expensive than single carports, garages, or barns. If you are taking your hard-earned money and investing in a combination metal structure for your property, you deserve to know you are getting the best materials, designs, customizations, and workmanship. 

Village Carports values your time and money, which is why our custom metal buildings combo units offer great perks, like:

  • A 90-day workmanship warranty
  • Becker’s 20-year limited warranty on roofing materials.
  • Customizable options with 14 color choices.
  • Additional customizable features such as designs and material options and accessories.  
  • Virtual 3-D modeling allows you to see the floor plan and design before you buy, eliminating any problems down the road and ensuring that you receive exactly what you envisioned.
  • Options for financing, rent-to-own, and payment on delivery financial solutions.

Advantages of a Custom Metal Commercial Building

Our pre-engineered galvanized steel buildings serve many benefits over wooden structures. Metal is fire-resistant and resistant to wear and tear associated with extreme weather like rain, ice, snow, and sleet. 

There are countless advantages to building a metal commercial structure on your property– let’s explore some of the most beneficial reasons to choose a custom metal commercial building. 


Our buildings are built out of the most durable metal that will stand the test of time while maintaining its attractive appearance for years to come.


Renting a storage facility for equipment or building a structure that will not last as long as a metal commercial structure can add unnecessary costs to your business expenses. Metal carports and metal garages and our custom combo units are the most affordable option for your commercial needs. 


Our in-house design and manufacturing facility allows us to oversee every single step of the process from beginning to end. Because we oversee every step of the process, communicating with our customer service team is easy and convenient. We care about the integrity of our products and making the building process of your commercial building as convenient as possible. 


Since steel is recyclable, it is an excellent “green” option for sustainability, which benefits the environment. Using the best metal materials for your commercial metal building means you do not need to worry about the lifespan of your steel structure. Metal carports and garage structures will not give in to the corrosion, warping, or rotting that you will see in wooden buildings.


One of the hallmarks of our business is that we care about how our commercial metal buildings will represent you and your business. With that in mind, we have extensive offerings in customization from combination units to a variety of colors, roof styles, and design features. We also offer custom choices for accessorizing your commercial metal building to represent your business however you see fit. 

Choose Substance, Speed, and Service at Village Carports

At Village Carports we take pride in providing the best-quality customizable metal commercial building built to last. Substance, speed, and service are central to our entire process– from initial consultation, to design, build, and finish we oversee every single step of the process in building the best metal commercial building for your home or business.

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