Metal Combo Units in North Carolina

Our pre-engineered galvanized steel framed structures are the perfect solution for covering your car, recreational vehicle, boat, farm equipment, or anything else that needs protection from harsh outdoor elements.

The expert team at Village Carports is here to help you create the perfect metal carport for your home or business! Our core values are built around substance, speed, and service, offering you the best quality products and professional craftsmanship. 

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Custom Metal Combo Units in North Carolina

Combo Units give you the versatility of having storage space combined with an open but covered area for your vehicles and belongings. 

Our custom metal combo units are a great looking option for your residential or commercial property and offer many uses– whether you want to protect your vehicle or have a safe and contained place for your belongings or both, Village Carports offers versatility, durability, and affordability when shopping for custom metal combo units. 

What Are Metal Combination Units?

Metal combo units are carports and garages that are built with additional, enclosed storage units that work as sheds or workshops. Combination units can be customized to the customer’s liking and needs. Some customers have larger vehicles and have fewer storage needs, whereas other customers want smaller carport structures built off of enclosed garage space. 

Village Carports believes that your preferences, style, and property needs are essential to building a custom metal combo unit. During our consultation, we work closely with you to determine what features, accessories, and designs will best fit your home or business. 

Custom Metal Combo Unit Roofs

Our custom metal carport and garage combination units come in both regular style and boxed eave style roofs. 

Regular Style Metal Combo Unit

The regular roof metal combo unit design is the original, classic style for metal carports and garages. It remains the standard framing design for these structures. The classic curved roof style offers an attractive visual curb appeal for your home or business and is the more economical choice when it comes to combination units for your home or business. 

Boxed Eave Style Metal Combo Unit

Our boxed eave style metal combo units are engineered to provide the coverage you need while maintaining a more traditional-looking, A-line roof. These combo units take features from our carports, garages, and metal barns and pair them with storage features that will keep your belongings protected, organized, and sheltered. 

Types of Metal Combination Units

Investing in a metal combo unit is the best way to get the most out of your carport or garage. By including additions like storage space, shelving, and a combo enclosed and open structure, you are adapting your property to be able to care for all your indoor and outdoor items.

Explore the different ways you can build a metal combination unit on your property. 

Enclosed Metal Building with Lean To

A lean to– the term describing leaning a structure against a wall to form an extra roofed area– is a great way to add an additional metal structure to an existing one. Whether you already have a garagecarport, or barn on your property, or you want to build a new one entirely, you can add a lean to one or both sides of a building to create more covered space on your property. 

We can customize: 

  • Lean to metal garages
  • Lean to metal sheds 
  • Lean to metal carports
  • Lean to metal barns

Carports with Attached Storage Sheds

A combination shed and carport is a great economical alternative to a full garage. Since carports are less expensive than garages, you still get the sheltered element to protect vehicles paired with the enclosed space for tools and other equipment. 

Depending on the size of your property and the specific needs of your home or business, we can customize the size, color, and style of your metal combo carport and shed unit. Combination carport sheds can be built with roll-up doors that are similar to garage doors or with walk-in doors that are placed on either the ends or sides of the structure.

What Type of Metal Combo Unit is Right for You?

There are many potential combinations for your metal combo unit. We can customize storage sheds to be paired with garagescarports, and barns or we can design a barn with an attached garage or carport, or any combination of the three. 

When you speak to our professionals in custom metal structures, we will discuss the dimensions of your property and what type of combo unit is best for you. 

What Comes with Your Custom Metal Combo Unit?

If you are shopping for a metal combo unit, you know that they are more expensive than single carports, garages, or barns. If you are taking your hard-earned money and investing in a combination metal structure for your property, you deserve to know you are getting the best materials, designs, customizations, and workmanship. 

Village Carports values your time and money, which is why our custom metal buildings combo units offer great perks, like:

  • A 90-day workmanship warranty
  • Becker’s 20-year limited warranty on roofing materials.
  • Customizable options with 14 color choices.
  • Additional customizable features such as designs and material options and accessories.  
  • Virtual 3-D modeling allows you to see the floor plan and design before you buy, eliminating any problems down the road and ensuring that you receive exactly what you envisioned.
  • Options for financing, rent-to-own, and payment on delivery financial solutions.

Choose Substance, Speed, and Service at Village Carports

At Village Carports we take pride in providing the best-quality customizable metal combo unit built to last. Substance, speed, and service are central to our entire process– from initial consultation, to design, build, and finish we oversee every single step of the process in building the best metal combo unit for your home or business.

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